PENNSYLVANIA: Sunday, August 5 - Monday, August 6

Todd Molnar: August 5 - 6

I had a little trouble with traffic leaving the city Sunday afternoon. It was hard to find places on a turnpike to stop and look at a map, but I eventually made it to Todd's house right outside of Philadelphia.

I spent a little time meeting his parents, but since it was later than planned, we were ready to get some dinner. We went to a very nice Chinese restaurant and Todd's meal came in a boat that emitted smoke.

After dinner we just rented a movie and called it a day.

Monday morning, Todd's mom had a very nice breakfast waiting for us when we got up. She then gave us advice about what to see and where to park in town. After Todd packed his things we were off to do some sightseeing in Philadelphia.

We saw Declaration Hall, the Liberty Bell, Benjamin Frankin's grave, and the general historic downtown.

For spontaneity's sake we decided to have a very nice lunch at a restaurant in the Palm Hotel. Directly after lunch we hit the road so we could get to DC and have dinner with friends.