My Adventure

Life on the Road in Summer 2007
(Start) North Carolina Saturday, July 14  
South Carolina Saturday, July 14  
Georgia Saturday, July 14  
Florida Saturday, July 14 - Friday, July 20 Evan Law - Dawn Chimes - Orlando
Georgia Friday, July 20  
Alabama Friday, July 20 - Saturday, July 21 Saretta Goss
Mississippi Saturday, July 21 - Thursday, July 26 Debbie Holman - Darrell and Gennie Black
Tennessee Thursday, July 26  
Kentucky Thursday, July 26 - Saturday, July 28 Charles Fahringer
Indiana Saturday, July 28 - Sunday, July 29 Gretchen Zahm
Ohio Sunday, July 29  
Pennsylvania Sunday, July 29  
New York Sunday, July 29 - Tuesday, July 31 Jolie Boumann
Massachusetts Tuesday, July 31  
Connecticut Tuesday, July 31 - Friday, August 3 Steven Law - Dave Johnson
New York Friday, August 3 - Sunday, August 5 Appalachian Loft
New Jersey Sunday, August 5  
Pennsylvania Sunday, August 5 - Monday, August 6 Todd Molnar
Delaware Monday, August 6  
Maryland Monday, August 6  
Virginia Monday, August 6 - Sunday, August 12 Jeanne - Charlottesville - Bryan Snare
North Carolina (End) Sunday, August 12  



18 States
4,840.10 miles
30 days
17 different beds, couches, or floors
$2.599 a gallon for the cheapest gas (in Virginia)
$2.999 a gallon for the most expensive gas (in South Carolina and Connecticut)
$446.70 spent on gas for the trip
159.483 gallons of gas
30.34 total average miles per gallon
3 loads of laundry
295 photos
45 minutes: shortest distance between stops
11 hours: longest distance between stops


First of all I would like to thank all of the many friends and family members who allowed me to stay with them and made this trip possible. I am blessed to be so rich with hospitable loved ones. This opportunity will always be a highlight of my life, and with gas prices as they are, trips like this may become a thing of the past.

I would also like to thank my father for all of his help with the creation of this web site. From hosting to editing, he has made this page possible every step of the way.